Forthcoming Shortcoming - Consider !

When we review the literature about success in life, we often come across topics like:

  • Leadership, where we learn about the different personality traits that we need to develop in order to lead our lives, at home, at work and in society, in an effective way. There is a leader in everyone of us.
  • Time management, where we are presented with the universal truth that everyone has 24 hours in a day, and one of the many differences between the successful ones and the others is how one uses efficiently one's time. There is one same clock for everyone, but time ticks differently for each one of us.
  • Change management, where we are bombarded with the saying that the only thing which is constant is change, and we need to adapt to the different changes happening around us, or run the risk of perishing. Human beings are naturally resistant to change, and we have to combat that naturalite and become more flexible.
  • Stress management, where our capacity to progress depends on our ability to manage the pressure and expectations coming from multiple sources. It is not about eliminating stress, but about managing it, making sure that at any one time, there is not too much in our lives, to avoid burnout, nor too little, to deter boredom.
  • Motivation, where we realise that it is easy to be motivated at the start of a project, but the challenge is to remain so during, and even after. Motivation is like a flame that burns within us, and to keep that flame alive, we need to feed it with wood, protect it from the wind and give it sufficient oxygen to flourish. As such, we need to feed ourselves with positive thinking, protect ourselves from negatives vibes and give ourselves sufficient time, and put in the required energy to succeed.

At Knowledge of the ART, we want to push the fundamentals further by integrating one extra element: we need to know our forthcoming shortcomings. It is not only about analysing our strengths and weaknesses, not only about learning from our mistakes, and not only about trying to resolve our current shortcomings. It is and will be more and more about our capacity to take time off our hectic schedules, not to relax and to resource ourselves, but to do the servicing of our body, mind and inner self. It is and will be also about reflecting about our future challenges, analysing our actual and future abilities to deal with them and seeing where we will be lacking. Those forthcoming shortcomings demand ACTION today.

It will be about pre-empting so that on D-Day, we do not fall short in front of the problem coming our way. It will be about pro-acting, so that on T-Time, we set forth our engine and take the opportunities coming our way.