CFA Studies - Ready to get set and go?


If you are made for CFA studies, then, CFA studies are made for you. Many are thinking about it, many more are talking about it, yet few knows what it really entails. In respect to the level of difficulty of the CFA exams, the depth of its curriculum materials, the efforts that you need to put in, the time and financial investments that it demand, we are proposing you to reflect on the points below before embarking yourself on this life-changing experience:

  • Rationality: First and foremost, you will need to consider the reason behind your intention. It must be due to the fact that it would be useful to the advancement of your actual career or to open new doors of opportunities. Do not just treat it as a natural extension of your first degree, your MBA and/or your ACCA. Do not engage yourself if you are doing it just to prove to yourself that you can do it. Would you be bemused if I tell you that there are few out there who do it just for the sake of being able to tell others that they are doing it?
  • Unicity: I would suggest that you do not compare it with the studies that you have done before ... your first degree, your master's degree or your other charters, as CFA study has a sui generis nature. And, should you have covered Finance, Investment, Accounting, Mathematics and Statistics, Economics materials before, just say to yourself that this will be a little plus ... just a little plus. Nothing more.
  • Consistency: I tell everyone about the time that they need to have, on a consistent and scheduled basis, for them to be able to contain the intensity that the study requires. I have a vigorous and vehement working plan of work waiting for you. If you cannot put in the time that we demand, after deducting your time for work, commuting, family and other event, then please keep it for a moment in your life, where you will be able to spare the required time slots.
  • Sustainability: Everyone who starts CFA study is motivated ... at the start. The difficulty is to stay so over the 10 months, and even more in complicated time. At Knowledge of the ART, I am, and need to be, the inspiration of my students, and I am on their back ... constantly and repeatedly. And, this year, we are going even further ... by introducing METIMER, an individualised monthly feedback system on your status.
  • Technicality: For me, if you know your curriculum inside-out, it is still not enough to pass the different levels of the CFA program. 30% of my success equation is about techniques. The structure that we have developed at Knowledge of the ART uses mnemonics, integrative reading system, funneling, Cornell method, as well as our inhouse guided notetaking regimen, as some of the top-ups. Without the proper techniques, your preparation will be incomplete and insufficient. And, with our in-house MEBOOK structure, you will be ready to get set and go.
  • Practicality: Another 20% of our success formula is about practicing exam-like questions, and learning not only through the questions and their answers, but also using each question as a feeder to consider the diverse, similar and opposing, other questions that can be asked on exam's day. We will go though more than 1,500 questions together ... and we will not just give you the questions and their respective answers. I will mark them individually and personally. And also, we will make you learn from each of them, and create exam momentum value out of each. 
  • Emotionality: CFA studies in its raw form is not good for the heart. We apply a softening approach, by guiding our students to nurture the habits of successful CFA candidates, as well as avoiding the mistakes of ineffective exam's takers. We will also advise you how to live through the different life-happening events in the course of your study, so as to counter their effects on your work plan.

During your CFA study, your family, professional and social life will be affected ... but, in the end, it has the capacity to conclusively impact your life and repay you much more than the sacrifices made. We will make sure that the road towards the CFA designation is as fascinating as the destination. Knowledge of the ART and myself will be by your side to make it worth the while and the way. Let us get to work ...



Irshad has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) credential and is a member of the CFA Institute, Charlottesville, USA. The CFA Charter is a badge of distinction in the investment management profession. It represents a deep knowledge of investments, a commitment to ethics, a passion for always putting investors first. The CFA Institute is a highly respected global community of investment management professional excellence and integrity. The achievement of the charter demonstrates diligence and tenacity, and CFA charterholders are recognised for this unwavering integrity and by earning the CFA Charter, one makes a serious commitment to uphold the highest standard of professional education and conduct.

Irshad JACKARIA: BCom [Hons], DInv, MSc, MCIPS, CFA

On your way to become a true professional in the Financial, Investment, Wealth Management sectors, you will need to further enhance your technical knowledge of investment products, strengthen your mathematical and quantitative competences for financial analysis and calculation, elevate your customer care attitude, intensify and magnify your communication and presentation skills, supplement your competences with purchasing, marketing and negotiation skills, as well as enrich your emotional intelligence.