Success at Knowledge of the ART is judged by the level of satisfaction and delight of our students, and by the extent of use of the knowledge that they have acquired during their stay with us. They are the ones who will hold and raise our flag. Please find below an array of the participants, over the years, in our courses. Please note that we will be adding profiles of our current and past students at intervals. And, we extend our expression of appreciation for all those who have conveyed their inner feelings about their experience with Knowledge of the ART, and have willingly accepted to be part of this page, by enthusiastically giving their name, job title, employer’s name and their comments.

You will always see the year in which the information has been updated. And, there are few of our students who cannot, due to the internal policy of their company, include the name of the institutions/banks, where they work. We, of course, respect that, and we have indeed included their profiles below.

Akshay LORI

Course(s): Supervisory Skills, Tactical Management and Instructional Leadership
Year: 2022
Actual Post: Senior Officer - SWIFT Operations at First Capital Bank (updated 2023)
Comments: "I want to start by expressing my warmest appreciation to the whole team of Knowledge of the ART Academy, and especially the super cool coach, Mr. Irshad JACKARIA. He is just one of the best lecturer and human being that I have met in my life. The course was up-to-date, with examples of how to manage in a post-covid environment, and the contents and modules reflected today's working environment, especially for me, as I work for an international bank. These 14 weeks were a living experience, and I have personally benefited from Mr. Irshad's own real life experiences and real case scenarios presented. We were exposed to the way that business is really and actually conducted. Knowledge of the ART is the place, where your participation matters, your ideas considered, your involvement welcomed and where YOU, as a person, matter."

Juan Angel ALBERT

Course(s): Sales and Marketing Management & Customer Care
Year: 2021
Actual Post: Student in Hospitality (updated 2022)
Comments: "It all started when my mum came across a striking blue and yellow advertisement in the newspaper. She sent an email, and the following day, she received a call from Knowledge of the ART. She enrolled me without asking me, as she had a very positive feeling about what she heard and said that she was convinced that I would benefit from the course. And, even before the end of the 1st training session, I could more than validate her choice. My class was a small batch, with personalised attention given to each participant, by the coach, Irshad JACKARIA. For me, he is a top notch industry professional, sharing his real-life experiences and making the content of the lectures highly relevant. Two of the topics that struck me were our studies on Branding and on Customer Service. I will use all of these lessons in my pursuit of becoming a successful brand manager in the future. Wishing the new batches to have a similar value-adding experience as mine. The guidance that I have received on personality development and emotional intelligence have since helped in shaping my professional character".


Course(s): Financial Analysis, Financial Services & Investment Planning and Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2021, 2015 and 2010
Actual Post: Bank Officer, at Bank of Mauritius (updated 2021)
Comments: "I personally really like to follow courses at Knowledge of the Art for the following reasons: the atmosphere is very friendly and appropriate for learning practical concepts, the lecturer, Mr. Irshad JACKARIA, is very intelligent and masters the world of Finance, the teaching level is of international standard and delivered in a professional manner and the personnel is very courteous and helpful. I am a proud student of Knowledge of the Art, and for 2020-2021, I am back again for further professionalising my career."


Course: Financial Operations and Management
Year: 2020
Actual Post: Bachelor Student at the University of Mauritius (updated 2021)
Comments: "First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Irshad and his staff at K@RT for being such amazing and helpful individuals. Coming across a press advertisement, my dad suggested me to do this course, as it had very interesting modules and has great job prospects for my future. My 20-week course has been a memorable experience. Undoubtedly, I can say that Mr. Irshad is an inspiration to all his students. Despite the COVID19 pandemic, where we have shifted to online classes during the confinement, the exchange was still enriching and he did his very best to make the class as interactive as the usual face-to-face lecture. I am looking forward to more courses at Knowledge of the ART".

Elsha Gurriah

Course: Financial Operations and Management
Year: 2019
Actual Post: Customer Portfolio Officer at Rogers Capital
Comments: "During the past 4 months, I have learned and grown a lot from Mr Irshad's teachings, banking etiquette and values. He is one of the kind of people that will always stay in the hierarchy of those who have an indescribable integrity in them. I suggest you take the most information and knowledge possible out of his courses. I have completed mine and have received my results. And, on top of that, the great news is that I got promoted after doing this course. I warmly thank Mr Irshad and his supportive and sympathetic staffs for helping me in making another step in my career and life".

Jayshna FANGOA

Course: Financial Operations and Management
Year: 2018
Actual Post: Analyst at Global P.O Limited
Comments: "I would like to thank you all for the support, guidance and knowledge you shared with us in the areas of Banking and Finance. During the six months, I have had a deep practical and technical expertise overview, that has increased my employability and has added more weight to my CV. I have received my assessment results, and I am fully satisfied with it. Thank you also for all the slice of life advices, which are very useful in my everyday work and life. This has made me feel more confident, and I can now see the future with more serenity. I wish you all good continuation".


Course: Financial Services and Investment Planning
Year: 2017 (updated 2019)
Actual Post: Business Support at the Mauritius Commercial Bank
Comments: "I have been to Knowledge of the ART for the Financial Services and Investment Planning course this year with two of my colleagues. We have decided to embark on this new adventure together as we wanted to have more knowledge about the financial world, which will help us in our career at the Mauritius Commercial Bank. The courses are delivered in such a way that you understand it so well, with Mauritian case studies and examples. Personally i have acquired so much knowledge and i came out of the course very confident. The lecturer, Mr Irshad, is one of the best human being i have met, and he does not only guide us in our professional path but also personal life. I have considered him as a guru and mentor for life. I don't have enough words to describe about how my journey at K@RT has changed my life for the best. The atmosphere there is so comfortable and very friendly. The secretaries are very kind ladies and always ready to help and advise. I would highly recommend anyone to join in for the courses. It is more than value for money. You get to learn so many things which are real life lessons".

Gayatree NOBEEN

Course: Financial Services and Investment Planning
Year: 2017 (updated 2019)
Actual Post: Market Risk Analyst at the MCB Bank
Comments: "My 18 weeks at Knowledge of the ART has been an enriching and memorable experience. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Irshad JACKARIA for being an encouraging lecturer, as well as for explaining the most complex concepts in the simplest way. Without his support, I would not have understood the world of Banking and Finance to such a great extent. The environment at K@RT has always been pleasant for learning. Since I work at the Treasury department at SBM, the course "Financial Services and Investment Planning" has helped me to improve my professional skills, and I have also learned about the banking and financial products related to my work. I believe that this course will boost my career and personal life for the years to come".


Course: Banking Operations & Mgt, Financial Services, Private Banking, Investment Banking & Wealth Management
Year: 2010, 2011, 2017
Actual Post: Customer Service Rep, Bank Employee (updated 2018)
Comments: "I am pleased to share that I had an enriching experience at K@RT center. The 3 courses “Banking Operations and Management” and “Financial services and investment planning” , and lately the "Private Banking, Investment and Wealth Management" have inspired me to embark on my career in finance. I have been working in a banking institution since then. Undeniably, the courses were really interesting and informative, with good teaching materials and a very friendly atmosphere. I would like to thank the staff of K@rt Center and Mr Irshad Jackaria for sharing his skills and knowledge and mainly for his timely assistance as and when needed.". I have kept coming back to Knowledge of the ART for their unique and top-notch courses.


Course: Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2016
Actual Post: Studying Level II of ACCA (updated 2017)
Comments: "First, it was a very enriching experience. I personally liked the practical aspects of the course, real-life scenarios and the lectures are compact, up-to-date and relevant to the Mauritian banking environment. The computational tools help to tackle any question relating to loans and investments. The choice of homework accurately tested the student's understanding of the course material. The project work involved was not just a paper-based exercise, whereby you could copy and paste information, but it was rather focused, personalised and it required on-the-field research. Mr. Irshad JACKARIA is one of the best lecturer I have met so far: professional, polished and simply brilliant. The admin staff are friendly and welcoming. In the beginning, I feared this course as it was my first step in the professional field, but with Mr. Irshad's expert coaching, it proved to be a refined and enjoyable experience".

Loganaigy (Jessica) CATHIEN

Course: Supply Chain Management, Supervisory Skills & Instructional Leadership and Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2016, 2015 and 2014
Actual Post: Forms Control Analyst, Accenture Services Mauritius (updated 2017)
Comments: "I worked as a Banking Officer at Accenture and I have followed the course Banking Operations and Management in 2014. That was one of the best experiences in my life. Irshad JACKARIA delivered the course in a very professional way, which motivated me to come to the course every week, and learn to progress. Good, friendly and comfortable environment and so are the administrative staff. And, the proof is that I have come again to Knowledge of the ART for 2 more courses in 2015 and in 2016, and I have in between received a promotion. I am now a "Forms Control Analyst" at Accenture. 

Denisha ERRAPA

Course: Financial Services and Investment Planning and Supervisory Skills & Instructional Leadership
Year: 2014 and 2015
Actual Post: Banking Operations Officer, Accenture Services Mauritius (updated 2017)
Comments: "I attended the Financial Services and Investment Planning course last year and I think it was really interesting, I understood how a financial institution works, and how the whole system is integrated. For the Lecturer, Mr. Irshad JACKARIA, I call him a “mentor”, as he always kept us motivated. The environment and all staffs were very professional. Even the coffee machine was great!"


Course: Private Banking, Investment Banking and Wealth Management
Year: 2015
Actual Post: Consultant at Price Waterhouse
Comments: "The 20-week course has exceeded my expectations. Every session is carefully prepared in terms of lecture notes, practical questions, local and international examples and real life issues. The syllabus is comprehensive and well structured. The course content has a good balance of technical information and people skills required for a professional to start in this field. I have enjoyed attending the interactive classes and the administration team is friendly and helpful. Good job K@RT. Keep it up!".

Trishika GUNPUTH

Course: Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2015
Actual Post: Claims Handler at AXA
Comments: "My experience at Knowledge of The Art was an enriching one. After my secondary education, K@RT was my first step into another professional world. The first day itself I received a warm welcome on behalf of the administration department. Mr Jackaria, I must say that he masters the world of Banking and Finance. His excellent coaching has helped me a lot and now I am currently working as a claims handler at AXA Customer Services".

Ambreen Neelofer AUBEELUCK

Course: Banking Operations and Management & Private Banking, Investment Banking and Wealth Management
Year: 2015 for both courses
Actual Post: Bank Officer/Teller at SBM Bank since February 2016 (updated 2017)
Comments: "Well, i'm very happy to have been part of this family. What caught my attention from the very first day, is the warm welcome received from Mr. Irshad Jackaria and also from the staff of K@RT. The lectures are very interactive and interesting. I also really appreciate the fact that Mr. Irshad provides us with so many real life examples and knowledge further and beyond the syllabus, with encouraging advice. I have personally learnt a lot of interesting things and facts. Not to be forgotten, the class atmosphere, always been cool and a pleasant place to study, a comfortable class to focus and concentrate. And, just after my courses, I got employment in one of the leading banks in the country. That was to sum up my good and enjoyable learning experience at KART."

Vijaya REKHA

Course: Banking Operations and Management and Private Banking, Investment Banking and Wealth Management
Year: 2015 for both courses
Actual Post: Employed at SBM Bank since August 2015 (updated 2017)
Comments: "I am a degree holder and I am currently doing a course in banking operations and management at the Knowledge of the Art Ltd. As I start my career in the banking sector, I would like to seek the opportunity to thank Mr. Irshad Jackaria for his excellent coaching. The course has enhanced my knowledge with the latest practical techniques in banking. It has also helped me to develop my personal skills as the course is interactive and provides a continuous professional development. "Dreams are reality waiting to happen". And, in between my 2 courses at Knowledge of the ART, I got my dream job at State Bank of Mauritius. 


Course: Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2015
Actual Post: Teller, at Mauritius Commercial Bank (updated 2017)
Comments: "I am working at the Mauritius Commercial Bank as bank teller since January 2014 and what inspired me to be part of the Banking Operation Course offered by the Knowledge of Art were its various topics that it would cover – compliance rules, banking services, lending policies, banking in French, Shariah Banking etc. As Marie von Enber-Eschenbach wrote “In youth we learn, in age we understand”, I also believe that the more we learn the more mature we become.  I wanted to improve my professional skills and learn more about the banking world and with the help of this banking course; I have finally obtained what I really wanted – good analytical approach, commercial and technical skills. Despite working in the retail department, I’m limited to few products and services offered by the bank but after covering 10 modules, I have realized that the banking world is much more of what we actually see and its beyond our imagination. With a bachelor of Art in Mass Communication and a certificate in Banking Operations, I believe to provide a better service to customers and achieve the bank’s objectives efficiently and effectively. And most importantly, with this course I will be able to achieve higher positions in the banking sector. "


Course: Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2015
Actual Post: Educator (updated 2017)
Comments: "I started a course in Banking Operations and Management in Feb 2015 at Knowledge of the ART. K@RT offers affordable and engaging courses. The interactive lessons, printable worksheets, detailed reporting really helped me to learn more, progress and master the subject."

Stephanie PERMAL

Course: Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2015
Actual Post: Supervisor, at National Commercial Bank (updated 2016)
Comments: "The practical content of the course has enabled me to update my basic knowledge in the banking industry. The small size in the class is also very appropriate to give a better interaction between the students and the lecturer. I was very satisfied by the substance of the material offered and the quality of each presentation. All the subjects in the syllabus are relevant to the Mauritian banking sector. A special thanks to Mr. Irshad Jackaria who had always made the class interactive and provided organized tutorials with the application of the latest techniques."

Virgilia LACAZE

Course: Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2014
Actual Post: Customer Service Rep, Bank Employee (updated 2016)
Comments: "Following a press advertisement, I decided to enroll myself on the Banking Operation & Management course offered by Knowledge of the Art Training Center. The very first contact with the administration team was unbelievable. Their warm welcome, their good counsel and their professionalism promise that this course will meet my expectation. I greatly appreciate the teaching method as the instructor used new technology, no books but PowerPoint and exchanges between lecturer and students. Students were encouraged to participate in the lectures; there was a great interaction between participants and lecturer and we were given opportunities to share our own working and life experiences. Irshad helped us to find solution to problems encountered in our daily work/life. This course was indeed the right choice. What I acquired was beyond my expectations. Following that course, my working performance has improved and to my great satisfaction I was promoted from Teller to CSR. Another positive value with Knowledge of the Art is that the door is always opened even to those who have completed their course."


Course: Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2014
Actual Post: Assistant Accountant, OBI (Org. Bureaucratique/Informatique) (updated 2015)
Comments: "Following the course at K@RT has been a great and pleasant experience.  The classes were well animated by Mr. Irshad JACKARIA. Notes are given at the beginning of each sessions and additional notes through projector.  Explanations are given in the simplest and easiest way to understand.  A library is also available for any reference needed or self-knowledge.  Even the personnel make you feel at ease and are friendly."


Course: Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2014
Actual Post: Officer, Internal Audit, Bank Employee (updated 2015)
Comments: "It was an unforgettable, marvellous and enriching experience. The course that I followed at K@RT helped me a lot in my work. The lecturer and his dynamic team had a very serious, professional and most importantly a friendly approach, which made me, feel very at ease. The content of the course encompassed most of the things a good banker should know. But what I appreciated the most is that it was an “on the job' course."


Course: Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2013
Actual Post: Customer Service Officer (trainee), Bank Employee (updated 2015)
Comments: "My experience at K@RT is forever memorable. The Banking operations and management course is in itself very enriching as it makes students aware of every detailed, technical and up-to-date aspects of the banking and financial world. It prepared and motivated me on this great journey towards my own personal achievements and building up my career. I currently work in the Credit Administration and Legal Dept at Bank One Ltd, Port Louis.  After my Banking course at K@RT I joined the bank and currently being trained to be confirmed as Customer Service Officer. The training center is well equipped with study materials, books, AC classroom and free coffee, it was a pleasure studying in such an environment. Now about Irshad Jackaria, as a teacher … well … you must see by yourself!"


Course: Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2013
Actual Post: Credit Analyst, at La Prudence Leasing (updated 2015)
Comments: "Feeling the need for a top-up course in management and operation I chose K@RT.  This resulted of the good feedback that I received from my friends. At that time, I was at the State Bank of Mauritius, where I worked for 4 years. The course material is very up-to-date and even more surprisingly, accurate with information on one's actual workplace. The lecturer, Irshad Jackaria is talented and loves to teach.  He will drive you along this long learning path. K@RT Centre is ideally situated and the lecture room is small, but ideal for small group class of around 20 students.  Irshad has the talent of capturing your attention in such a way that you will remember the course material for long.  All that was needed was some seriousness, attention and hard work."

Souraiya Bibi Dhuneeah

Course(s): Financial Services & Investment Planning and Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2012 and 2013
Actual Post: Support Officer, Legal Unit at State Bank Mauritius (updated 2015)
Comments: "I enjoyed studying at Knowledge of Art. They had a very welcoming atmosphere that provides the students with positive vibes and enthusiastic moods for the two hours sessions. Mr Irshad Jackaria is a great and very helpful lecturer, not only coaching you through the theory part of the course, but he also guides his students to develop the necessary and important skills needed in a professional environment. The methods and techniques used are very dynamic and entertaining. During the course I was exposed to a place with a great mix of quality education, culture, social and economical policies that are used in the Mauritian system. This exposure has motivated me to my further studies at Open University of Mauritius for a Bsc(Hons) Management with Law."


Course: Banking Operations & Management and Financial Services & Investment Planning
Year: 2012 (both)
Actual Post: Junior Accountant, at Moore Stephens (updated 2016)
Comments: "I wish to express my deep satisfaction for the competences that Knowledge of the ART Training Centre gave me. Mr. Irshad JACKARIA is a great teacher. I followed Banking Operations & Management and also Financial Services & Investment Planning. I came to know in more details about loans, bonds, stock exchange, formulae to calculate loan-related things and much more. I now have nearly 5 years of working experiences; 8 months in Banking at State Bank of Mauritius and 4 years in accounting & auditing. I have passed my ACCA Level One and I'm currently following BSc(Hons) Business Management at the Open UOM via Distance Learning."


Course: Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2012
Actual Post: Chargé Clientèle, Senior chez Banque des Mascareignes (updated 2015)
Comments: "Mon expérience avec  (K@rt) a été très enrichissante, toujours entourée avec des personnes près à aider. L’enseignement reçu du ‘lecturer’, Irshad JACKARIA, et les ‘cours’ qui m’ont été instruit m’ont permis d’enrichir ma connaissance générale  et surtout  au niveau de mon travail. Il y a toujours une ambiance sympathique  pendant les sessions avec  une atmosphère  conviviale dans le sens qu’il y a toujours un bon esprit d’équipe parmi les aspirants. Une petite   équipe très  dynamique, accueillante, amicale  pour vous  guider."


Course(s): Financial Services & Investment Planning and Banking Operations and Mgt
Year: 2010 and 2011
Actual Post: Director for Iris Com & LKS Stationery & Mgf (updated 2016)
Comments: "The courses covered major topics in finance and banking with modern aspects also like Islamic finance and banking, 3rd generation stock exchange, Derivatives products. The courses gave me great insight of the operational activities of financial institutions and banking sectors in Mauritius.  The topics were relevant to contextual economics for local or international economy and live examples were taken for reference from daily newspapers during the courses. The course contents were precise and well prepared for easy reference. It was a pleasure to take these courses with Mr Irshad Jackaria, who showed countless efforts and work preparations to excel in the notes provided."


Course: Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2009
Actual Post: Self-Employed (updated 2016)
Comments: "It was indeed with great pleasure that I attended all the sessions. One important fact to be noted which contributes greatly to the quality of the course is that Mr Irshad Jackaria, the lecturer, imparts his knowledge with much passion. He listened attentively to our queries and provided valued response as well. He also delivered thorough information in his hand-outs. I have personally worked at the Internasional Indonesia, Offshore Branch, situated at Caudan, from 2002 as Bank Officer to 2010 as Junior Assistant Manager."


Course: Banking Operations and Management
Year: 2006
Actual Post: Branch Manager at National Commercial Bank (updated 2016)
Comments: "During my final year at school, Knowledge of the ART launched its Banking Operations and Management course for the 1st time and that has been the foundation of my career. This MQA approved certification did not only open the door for my first job in a bank but also gifted me the opportunity to apply and complete a degree in International Financial Services at the University of Mauritius. The course contents provide a broad perspective of the local & international financial spectrum, including case studies and video presentations. Irshad JACKARIA provided the learners with the fundamental principles of banking in both operational and sales aspects. The authentic characteristic of the course is the project submission implying research and personal development. People who followed courses at Kart following my advice are satisfied and somehow enjoying a comfortable employment."