kart-aboutKnowledge of the ART, founded by its Owner Director, Irshad JACKARIA, started its operations in July 2003, and today in 2024, we are in our 21st successive year of operations. We offer MQA-Approved courses in the field of Banking, Finance, Insurance, Business and Soft Skills, Sales and Marketing, Purchasing and Procurement, Stores and Warehousing, Supply Chain and Logistics, as well as in specialist areas like Private Banking, Wealth Management & Investment and the globally-acclaimed CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts) programmes. 

In 2004, we were the first training centre in Mauritius to offer to the public practical courses in communications skills development for Call and Contact Centre Operators in Mauritius. In 2005, we again introduced a specialised course for Chat-SMS operators and in 2007, we initiated a unique course called “Knowledge Process Outsourcing Skills Development”. Up till date, we have been the only institution to have launched the two latter courses in our country. These courses were successful and we have trained personnel of that then-booming industry from the year 2004 to 2009.

In 2004, Irshad JACKARIA won the title of “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” Award of the Shell LiveWire, for Knowledge of the ART. He then represented Mauritius at the Shell LiveAward ceremony, in London, in June 2005.

In 2006, we introduced, as a pioneer in Mauritius, our course entitled “Banking Operations and Management”. This course, developed and lectured by Irshad JACKARIA since 2006, is still being run year in and year out, up till date. Over the 12 straight years that we have continuously offered this course, we have seen participants, from HSC holders with no experience, to tellers, customer service representatives, supervisors, branch managers working in Banks, ACCA students and Banking & Finance graduates as participants. Today, we have our past students, working for all of the 19 banks in Mauritius.

In 2008, with the success of the Banking course, Irshad JACKARIA developed, launched and serviced a novel course, entitled “Financial Services and Investment Planning”, geared towards the stock market and the investment world. This is a higher-level and more specialised course, with a high degree of calculation and analysis, that we have been launching over the past years, since its introduction.

Over the decades, we have been introducing several other focused courses in the above-mentioned fields, which are still being offered today.

In 2015, we brought you, for the very first time in Mauritius, a futuristic course, which offers opportunities for its participants in the field of Banking, Investment and Finance. It has been crafted with care and passion by Irshad JACKARIA, all wrapped with specialised skills and techniques. The name of the delicacy was “Private Banking, Investment Banking and Wealth Management”.  In 2017, we set in motion a peerless program for participants in the CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts) examinations for Level 1, 2 and 3. We are currently the only one in Mauritius to propose face-to-face Masterclasses and Expert Coaching for all the 3 levels. 

Over the years, our aim has remained at providing practical training with the dual objective of enhancing personal skills of every participant and empowering them with the latest applicable techniques in their field of work. Our dedicated staff, from Prateema, who has been on board since the opening of Knowledge of the ART in July 2003 to Roma and Madhuri, who are our latest recruits, are here to make your experience with us, a value-added and pleasant one.

With the focus of turning Mauritius into a Knowledge Hub and a premium International Financial Centre (IFC), we believe that this it is our duty to bring you professional, practical and prominent courses, with local relevance, which reflect this new dynamism. And, in our constant quest of innovation, we are the first in Mauritius to accompany you in your AI (Artificial Intelligence) adventure. As we say here, the "sky is not the limit".